Happy Holidays from Guerra Meats.
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Prime Rib Roast $13.99lb

Prime New York Strip $15.99lb

Beef Tenderloin $26.99lb

Beef Brisket $8.99lb

Diamond Jim $5.99lb

Pork And Lamb


Leg of Lamb $7.99lb

Crown Lamb Roast $6 per chop

Loin Lamb Roast $14.99lb

Crown Pork Roast $6 per chop

Boneless Pork Roast $4.99lb

Bone-in Pork Roast $4.99lb

Pork Tenderloin $6.99lb

Old Fashion Ham $3.99lb

Boneless Ham $4.99lb



Fresh Diestel Turkey $3.49lb

Heidi Organic Turkey $4.69lb

Duck $5.99lb

Goose $9.99lb

Game Hen. $5.99lb

Diestel Turkey Breast. $6.99lb

Fully Cooked


Roast Diestel Turkey $ Priced Each

Bone-in Turkey Breast $55

Half Bone-in Ham $50

Half Boneless Ham $50

Prime Rib $20 Per Person

Half Prime New York Strip $150

Half Sheet Lasagna $50

Green Beans 1lb $7

Gravy 1Qt $8

Stuffing 1Qt $8

Mashed Potatoes 5Lb $15

Cranberry 12oz

Horseradish Cream Sauce $5 per half pint

Porchini Mushroom Demi $10 per pint

Pumpkin Pie $15.99

Just Desserts Cake $11.99

Full Meal packages

Plan A

$150 (Dinner for 10-12)

12-14lb Oven Roasted Diestel Turkey or Half Boneless Ham,

5lbs Mashed Potatoes, 3 Quarts of Stuffing, 1 Quart of Gravy,

2 Cranberry Sauce (12oz), 1 Costeaux Pumpkin Pie

Plan B

$250 (Dinner for 16-20)

15-17lb Oven Roasted Diestel Turkey or Two Half Boneless Ham,

10lbs Mashed Potatoes, 5 Quarts of Stuffing, 2 Quarts of Gravy,

4 Cranberry Sauce (12oz), 2 Costeaux Pumpkin Pie

Plan C

$200 (Dinner for 8)

Half USDA PRIME New York Strip Roast

3# Green Beans (Cleaned, Ready to Cook), 5lb Mashed Potatoes,

1 Pint Horseradish Cream Sauce, 1 Quart Porchini Mushroom Demi-glace, 1 Just Desserts Cake

Plan D

$400 (Dinner for 16)

1 Whole USDA PRIME New York Strip Roast

6# Green Beans(Cleaned, Ready to Cook), 10lb Mashed Potatoes,

1 Quart of Horseradish Cream Sauce, 2 Quarts of Porchini Mushroom Demi-glace, 2 Just Desserts Cakes

Guerras to Go Menu

Only option available HOT

Dinner Per Person $27 plus tax if hot

10 oz USDA PRIME New York Strip Roast, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes,

Horseradish Cream Sauce, Porchini Mushroom Demi-glace, Slice of Cake